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D.gnu - Succesfully builded GDC V1 from SVN (V2 too hard)

Just a word (or two) to say that i sucessfully build

gdc 0.24 (the tarball)
and gdc v1 (svn) with 3 small problems.

gdc svn can compile phobos. But
i did'n test anything else.

GDC SVN V2 is harder to build.
I tried but did not succeded.

There are "segmentation fault" in the compiler when
trying to build phobos.

  2 or 3 in socket.d
  some others in stream.d
  and then another in gcbits.d.

at that point, i stopped trying.

I used MingW 3.4.5 with MSys.
So the resulting compiler does not need any other dll than
Sep 03 2008