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D.gnu - Precompiled GDC binary issues

reply Elliott Darfink <elliott.darfink gmail.com> writes:

I have been trying to transition from DMD on Windows (32bit) to GDC. At 
first I tried to compile the GDC sources myself, but with the shallow 
documentation of the process I had no success. After this I searched and 
found out about the pre-compiled binaries for GDC (found at github[1]). 
At first I tried this with a clean install of TDM GCC 4.6.1 (found at 
sourceforge[2]) combined with an older binary release of GDC, namely 
2012-01-09. This worked perfectly, but I noticed this wasn't using the 
most recent version of DMD (2.057, not 2.060). Therefore I wanted to 
install the newest GDC version, so I did a new, clean, install of TDM 
GCC (still 4.6.1) and applied the newest GDC patch (i.e copied the GDC 
files into the 'MinGW32' directory) just like last time. When I then 
tried to compile the same example as before I received an error (using 
'gdc ./test.d'):

"cc1d.exe - System Error

The program can't start because libgmp-3.dll is missing from your 
computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem"

I discovered that the missing library file could be found in 
"\MinGW32\libexec\gcc\mingw32\4.6.1", so I added this directory to $PATH.

After executing the same command as before ('gdc ./test.d') I no longer 
received an error complaining about the missing library file, or at 
least not the same one:

gdc ./test.d
gdc: fatal error: -fuse-linker-plugin, but liblto_plugin-0.dll not found 
compilation terminated.

Just as before, this shared library file was located in the same 
directory as 'libgmp-3.dll', but since the directory was already in 
$PATH I did not know what to do.

So here I am. I'd greatly appreciate any kind of help that might solve 
my problem. The only other reference I could find about this error was 
from this thread[3]. The poster ('bearophile') had the exact same issue 
and did just like me (added the mentioned directory to $PATH) but ended 
up with 'liblto-plugin-o.dll' not found. The solution in that thread was 
using a different release of GDC (which is now rather old, and I would 
preferably avoid, considering the huge amount of changes to D since then).

NOTE: I also tried using the latest TDM GCC version (4.7.1), but that 
did not help at all (still the same issue)


[1] https://bitbucket.org/goshawk/gdc/downloads
Nov 20 2012
parent Daniel Green <venix1 gmail.com> writes:
Are you using the 64-bit version of TDM?  This usually gets installed 
into c:\MinGW64 but you mention that you copied the files into 
c:\MinGW32 .

The error can also indicate that the DLL is missing exported functions 
required by the executable.

I've encountered the same error when mixing the binaries and DLL files 
from TDM32 and TDM64 versions.

I can also produce the same error by attempting to run GDB from TDM32 
with TDM64 DLLs on the path.
Nov 27 2012