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D.gnu - MinGW GDC with Fiber.

What's New
  * Support for Fibers.  https://bitbucket.org/goshawk/gdc/issue/342/
  * Unoptimized cc1d.exe and libphobos for better debugging.

  * D2.058
  * binutils with TLS patches
  * mingw-w64-runtime with TLS and stdio fixes.
  * GCC 4.6.1 with TLS patches

Due to the use of a newer runtime than TDM64-GCC it is **recommended** 
to install a copy of TDM64-GCC specifically for GDC.

Installation instructions:

1. Download and install TDM MinGW64
2. Extract the downloaded archive into the base of the newly installed 
TDM install.

If you've done this before, you can just do step 2.

MinGW64 installer

GDC binary

Please post all issues in D.gnu or on GDC's site 

Known issues:
  * Stack walking is broken.
  * objcopy is truncating --add-gnu-debuglink section name which 
requires manually loading the symbols into GDB.
  * May break TDM64 C++.
  * Field-less structs will throw a null this exception.  When formatted 
by std.format.  runnable/test23.d
Jun 13 2012