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D.gnu - GDC in Ubuntu repositories

Can we expect to see an updated package for GDC in the Ubuntu 12.10
some time soon?  (Ideally for 12.04 as well, but I don't know if that's 
permitted under Ubuntu update restrictions.)

It's currently still on 4.6.3, which is some way behind current DMD and

It would be better still if we could have a PPA with latest GDC available for 
all the currently-supported Ubuntu and Debian variants.

Asking for this is purely down to laziness and stupidity on my own part (I 
screwed up trying to build GDC from source and haven't put in the time or
energy needed to work out what went wrong and fix it), but since if you don't 
ask, you don't get, I'm asking. :-)
Sep 07 2012