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D.gnu - GDC Debug info


I've recently been working on integrating GDC into Visual D. Calling GDC 
with a list of options is easy, the harder part is the debugger 
integration: I have added conversion of the DWARF debug info to cv2pdb, 
so you can use Visual Studio or any other debugger that relies on debug 
information in a pdb file.

As far as my tests show, it works out quite nicely, but a few issues remain:

- there seems to be no location information for TLS variables

- there is no information about key and value type of associative 
arrays, but just a ptr of type typeof(null)*. For codeview debug 
information, cv2pdb reconstructs the used structure types from the types 
in the D extension info, the associative array is then conveniently 
shown by some visualization macros.

- class/struct names don't come with full qualification. Is this 
deliberate, or an omission? It might be convenient most of the time, but 
this might also confuse the debugger (e.g. when evaluating expressions) 
or the pdb-server (when merging type infos).

Would it be possible to add the missing information? Or is it me who is 
missing something?

Feb 08 2012