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D.gnu - phobos unit tests

Found out my error, I need to build phobos
with -unittest enabled in order to run them...
(default rule says -release, which skips them)

cd phobos
make DFLAGS="-Os -pipe -funittest -nostdinc" \
      libphobos.a unittest

(where "-Os -pipe" are my normal build flags for gdc)
Built on my Mac with a patched gcc 3.3.5 and gdc 0.8:

So now I get the "expected" failure from the unittest run:
 Error: AssertError Failure ../gcc/d/phobos/std/math.d(576)
Due to it assuming that a real is 80 bits, but it's only 64. But the documentation should probably mention that you need to build phobos with the -unittest D flag ? http://home.earthlink.net/~dvdfrdmn/d/INSTALL.html --anders
Dec 02 2004