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D.gnu - GDC release 1c

Thank you, everybody, for testing the compiler and reporting bugs!

This release fixes linker problems, 64-bit constant problems, adds the
recls  package, and has an easier install for Phobos.

To use recls, you will probably have to enable the C++ compiler.  If you
already have a g++ that is the same version of GCC that you are using to
gdc, you can probably get away it.

I'm starting to work on generic Unix/C library support to reduce the
amount of code needed to support other targets.

If you want to help me get D working on your platform, check out
phobos/gcc/gcgcc.d, phobos/std/thread.d and see if you can figure out
what  is needed to get threads to work and how to find the boundaries of
the data segment and stack.  Help on this is much appreciated!

You can also take a look at gcc/darwin.c and frags/mid to see what needs
to be customized, but I think I will be able to automatically generate
those definitions.

Mar 23 2004