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D - questions about DLL ...

- I'm not used to link (I used gcc -shared..:-), so I wonder, how could I
build a DLL with LINK / dmd ?

- I have, also, to put export in fornt of each of my class, isn't it ?

- and as phobos is not a DLL, but a .LIB file any of my D DLL will have is
own garbage collection ? and I canot assume garbage collection in code from
one set of code in DLL 1, would correctly garbage data from DLL 2, right ?
(in fact I will have problem !?)

- what about building phobos as a DLL ? I just have to put export in front
of each class (as we have the source), isn't t ?

thanks for any help, particularly for the 1st question,
Nov 22 2002