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D - stream.stdout c.stdio.stdout


can I have a grizzle about TWO stdin/stdout/stderr defines and the error
message ?
(well I'm going to any how).

c:\dmd\bin\..\src\phobos\stream.d(1130): variable stderr symbol
stream.stderr co
nflicts with stdio.stderr at c:\dmd\bin\..\src\phobos\c\stdio.d(71)

but where in my source ?

may be stream.stdin/out/err should be sysin/out/err or something no libc
all I've imported is stream and regexp, I do like the import imports
behaviour but am starting to see
the logic behind the Java's import and the  import bla.bla.* for packages
and find my self wishing D conformed to the Java style (means you have lots
of source files) with an `alias package.sub.thing.* shortcut.*;`

Oct 01 2002