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D - new, the keyword...

reply Alix Pexton <Alix seven-point-star.co.uk> writes:
I was studying the D specs carefully and came accross the following 

--- from expresions.html edited for brevity ---

		new NewExpression

--- and later ---

		new BasicType Stars [ AssignExpression ] Declarator
		new BasicType Stars ( ArgumentList )
		new BasicType Stars

--- end of snippet ---

now my ebnf isn't what it should be, but that implies that you need to 
use the "new" keyword twice...

also the third production isn't implemented, but I think I want to use it...

Webmaster "the D journal"
Sep 02 2002
parent "Walter" <walter digitalmars.com> writes:
Just goes to show I didn't use a yacc program to generate the parser <g>.
I'll see about fixing it.
Sep 04 2002