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D - CSS based syntax formatting...

I mentioned this as an idea in the now infamous "The D journal" thread, and
wanted to give you an update on my progress...

In short it works, but the HTML source looks awful, and there are a number
of problems.
As it is now, it displays correctly(ish) in Netscape 6.2, (haven't tried
anything lower), but falls apart miserably in IE 6. (This is because IE
does not yet support :before and :after pseudo properties, just in case you
were wondering.)

The style sheets I've created, do not alter any code (ie it do not insert
or remove {} braces) they only alter the position and quantity of
whitespace in key positions, affecting things like indentation and brace

I'm not going to do any more work on this, I'll just concentrate on
standardizing the css syntax highlighting for the journal and leave
formatting to the editors...

Alix Pexton...
Jun 15 2002