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D - RAD & GUI Work

Is valid make tags to make RAD applications parsers more easy? for examples
properties , constructors, destructors, events functions. 
How about muilti class heirarchy ?.  Is valid GUI event (for RAD) or process
oriented, like CLX, VDK, wxWindows.

Is valid use tag to initilizate properties example:

calss x

// You can treat this as Versioning (example : --useRAD)
property1 = x; ///.....
MouseEvent = myEvent;
/// or loadData from files (XML ?)
_ParseProperties = standar.XMLPropParser;  // if  _ParseProperties != null then
call all properties from file

property1 = n;
}   // internally load at end rad_init

Finally a think RAD and GUI is the most important to make one language popular, 
I whant make GUI and RAD for D (Windows & Linux).
Apr 23 2002