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D - dmd alpha 27 (now with multithreading!)

This adds a threading library and fixes the garbage collector to work with
multithreaded apps. The gc implementation is a little slow, but the
functionality should be correct, and the speed can be improved.



In general, you may find that dmd produces slower code than the equivalent C
code. This is not an inherent problem with D, it is only that I am trying to
get all the features implemented before worrying about generating optimal
code for them. A major goal of D is to not sacrifice any runtime performance
compared with the equivalent C.

For example, inline functions are not inlined by the current dmd alpha
compiler. This is simply because I haven't written the code yet to do the
inlining, it is not because inlining can't be done in D. For another
example, the Phobos library is built with full debug, unittest, and
contracts enabled.
Apr 16 2002