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D - help about API needed

reply "Pavel Minayev" <evilone omen.ru> writes:
Not really D related, but still, since the problem is in WinD,
which is definitely a D thingie... =)

I've made a class for MDI frame window, named MDIFrame. All
the usual stuff, MDICLIENT creation, DefFrameProc... normal
windows do check if they are WS_EX_MDICHILD and call
DefMDIChildProc if needed. It _should_ work - at least it
did hundred times before. But it doesn't...

MDI child window is created, but for some reason it doesn't
get any mouse or keyboard message - even in the non-client
area (so it can't even be closed with X!). From Spy++ it
seems that MDICLIENT "absorbs" messages, not letting them
through to MDI children. On other hand, WM_PAINT is there.
Anybody has ANY ideas of what it could be?

P.S. Don't ask for the code unless you mind a 50Kb-attachment =)
Feb 12 2002
parent "Pavel Minayev" <evilone omen.ru> writes:
Okay, I've got it fixed (after 3 days of searching for the bug!)...
Form.showModal() disabled _all_ windows in the application -
even those that were MDI children... ROTFLMAO...
Feb 14 2002