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D - updates...

reply "Pavel Minayev" <evilone omen.ru> writes:
My D site is finally back online, many many thanks to Russ Lewis
for kindly providing me a host - go http://d.villagersonline.com.

Some cool things you might want to take a look at are base
WinAPI headers (alpha! =)), new version of streams, and a
stream-based socket library. I'm also working hard on a GUI
library for D, which I called WinD, and expect the very first
alpha to appear in a few days... stay tuned!
Feb 07 2002
parent "Pavel Minayev" <evilone omen.ru> writes:
Also, an important thing concerning windows.d. Before unpacking
it to your Phobos dir, you'd better make a backup of the old one!
There are some incompatibilities there (like HANDLE being int in
mine and void* in Walter's), which might cause some Phobos
modules or samples (COM) to fail to compile. This can be fixed
quite easily, also, code already compiled should run fine,
binary compatibility is there.

Oh, and don't forget to update windows.obj and winutil.obj in
phobos.lib! =)
Feb 07 2002