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D - D+HTML: Programming in a Wiki?

reply "Robert W. Cunningham" <rwc_2001 yahoo.com> writes:
I recently fired up a Wiki at work, mainly to try Yet Another Tool to
encourage my peers to document more of their work process:  What they
do, and how they do it.  I've never been much of a Wiki user before, but
now I'm hooked.  It seems all I lacked was a subject I wanted to Wiki
about.  (Did I mention I love my job?)

Anyhow, the threads about D and HTML and DML got me thinking.  I'd
really like to do my programming inside a Wiki!  The whole notion of
"refactoring" code is implicit in the dynamic nature and easy
restructuring of Wiki content, not to mention the effortless
self-indexing.  I'd love the D compiler to be able to be invoked a
suitable places wihtin the Wiki tree, and have the compilation results
for the currently viewed page be placed either inline with the code or
in a parallel column.

So, should there be a version of the D compiler that can be called via
CGI?  Or maybe as a Zope object?

The idea of having HTML be a "native" source file format for D may have
many such possibilities.

Of course, I haven't thought this all the way through yet.  I'm still
pondering aspects of testing and debugging that may be problematic.  But
the idea of having "import blah" be a link to the source for "blah" is
fascinating, especially if it is hooked in to the D module database.  I
also see room for backend hooks to versioning systems (some Wikis
already include elaborate diff and versioning capabilities).

Mainly, I'd like my browser to be my IDE, and I'd like to be able to
work on my project from anywhere in the world (or hire anyone anywhere
to help).

So, anyone for a Dwiki?  (What's a "Dwiki"?  Five bucks, same as in

Jan 22 2002
parent Russell Borogove <kaleja estarcion.com> writes:
Robert W. Cunningham wrote:

 I recently fired up a Wiki at work...
 So, should there be a version of the D compiler that can be called via
 CGI?  Or maybe as a Zope object?
I'd think you'd just need to set up paths and permissions on the server hosting the CGI, have it execute the equivalent of Perl's: $results = `dmd -options -options source.d`; ...and pretty up the results. No? -Russell B
Jan 22 2002