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D - experience with associative arrays?

Has anyone had any strange and unexplainable experiences
using associative arrays in a little more complex ways:
FirstClass[SecondClass] name

I get code that doesn't behave the same in debug and release
mode, it allways crashes with acces exception but in different
places in these two modes.

Then another interesting thing: i have code with a foreach
in a foreach and in the inner foreach i do something with the
associative array and it causes acces violation but
if i add a simple printf("."); in the beginning of the inner foreach
everything works ok.

Maybe i have gone totally crazy (my head is going to explode
from this) but i can't see what am i doing wrong!

The code is too complex to post it here but i will try to
find a simpler strange-behaving scenario, i was just wondering
if simillar things happened to anyone else?
Apr 22 2004