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D - Yet another Idea for RTTI

Big W has said that he may allow object/method information to be queried 
in the future.  This is just an idea around that one.

Parhaps RTTI could be specified as an attribute as in:

class A
        int a; //rtti'd
        int b; //rtti'd
        int x() { return 10;} //rtti'd to look like a property
        void x(int x) {}       //rtti'd to look like a property

    int c; //Not rtti'd

As far as accessing the meta-data, big W probably already has some good 
ideas on that.  If the rtti attribute doesn't exist then the class can 
be treated like it doesn't have rtti at all.

-Anderson: http://badmama.com.au/~anderson/
Apr 18 2004