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D - Interface NameClash

Sorry about mentioning this twice, but no one but Matthew seemed to respond to
it, and I never really got a very definitive response.  The problem is basicly
that when you have 2 interfaces with methods with the same name, you can only
provide a single implementation even if the methods are meant to have different

from 2 interfaces called IAmericanMeasurement and IMetricMeasurement that both
have methods called getLength().  The class provided implementations for both of
the interface's methods so you could get either the length in inches or in
centimeters simply by specifying the interface you want to use.  It's not really
the best example, but it at least demonstrates a use of it.  Anyway, not being
able to do this in D seems like a pretty large restriction.  When you're working
with 2 interfaces that you didn't make, you have no way of preventing
nameclashes, and I think it's better to be forced to use a special syntax to
implement and call the 2 methods than not allow the class to be made at all.

class A
void someMethod() = 0; // do something that's important to this interface

class B
void someMethod() = 0; // do something that's important to this interface, but
has a completely different use than the method for A

class C: public A, public B
void A::someMethod()
// implementation for A's someMethod()

void B::someMethod()
// implementation for B's someMethod(), different than implementation for A's,
have completely different uses, but since you didn't design the interfaces, they
happen to have the same name

called by casting the reference of an instance of C to to A* or B*

same for definition of A and B (except using interfaces instead)
definition of C

class C: A, B
void someMethod() // default implementation of someMethod if base class isn't
specified or other implementation not provided
// implementation for A's someMethod, really shouldnt be default, but I just
wanted to demonstrate this because it can be useful

void B.someMethod()
// implementation for B's someMethod

C intsanceOfC;

A's called with ((A)instanceOfC).someMethod(); // calls default someMethod()
B's called with ((B)instanceOfC).someMethod(); // calls B.someMethod()
if no cast is used it uses the default: instanceOfC.someMethod();

D and Java:
Can't be done, only 1 implementation of someMethod() can be written.
Mar 20 2004