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reply Vathix <vathix dprogramming.com> writes:
 From http://www.digitalmars.com/d/ctod.html,

"Looping through an array" could include foreach.

"Creating an array of variable size" has this bad code:

int array[];
array[array.length++] = x;

"Setting struct member alignment" uses align incorrectly:

struct ABC
   align 1  int x;

I saw someone not to long ago ask why their similar align usage didn't 
work, he must have seen it from this.

"Struct initializations" for the D way says "Member initialization is 
done explicitly", shouldn't it say "Member initialization can be done 

"Creating a new typedef'd type" for the D way has code:

typedef void *Handle;
void foo(void *);
void bar(Handle);
Handle h;
foo(h);			// syntax error
bar(h);			// ok

That is not actually an error due to implicit conversion to Handle's 
underlying type, or is a bug.

Christopher E. Miller
irc.dprogramming.com #D
Feb 13 2004
parent J Anderson <REMOVEanderson badmama.com.au> writes:
Vathix wrote:

 From http://www.digitalmars.com/d/ctod.html,
It would be nice if it mentioned conversion from C function pointers to D function pointers as well. -- -Anderson: http://badmama.com.au/~anderson/
Feb 13 2004