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reply Bill <wstritt aol.com> writes:
Ran across your home page and saw you were looking for a copy of the Interstel
version of Empire.  Still
have 5 1/4 and 3 1/4 disks as well as manual but no other packaging if you are
still looking.

Just got a new PC running Windows 7 and haven't figured out how to get it
(Empire) to run on 64 bit
system.  Any suggestions for that would be appreciated.

By the way, the "e-mail Walter Bright" link on your page doesn't seem to work
so had to post here.

Mar 19 2011
parent Albert Ivor Morin <albertmorin gmail.com> writes:
Hi Bill

I ran across your post.  I had a version by Interstel as well.  But the
manuel got so beaten up over years of playing and then the computer went
belly up and it all got thrown out.

I which this classic version was available for modern PC's or some other
gaming system as I loved this original version best.

I've played the several modern versions of civilization but I like the
basic game play the best.

Let me know if you get your older version to work!

May 20 2011