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sorry, never the less one wouls ned the test database and the source are still
to interwined

Koroskin Denis Wrote:

 On Mon, 04 Aug 2008 00:50:22 +0400, hrk <l8atnight gmail.com> wrote:
 sure  - thanks for trying
 file 1

 Koroskin Denis Wrote:

 On Sun, 03 Aug 2008 22:11:49 +0400, hrk <l8atnight gmail.com> wrote:

 hi all,

 just don’t know what’s happening anymore.
Could anybody  

 I do have an array,

 const double const_dscales[19] = [
 		  1.0,1.0E1, 1.0E2, 1.0E3, 1.0E4, 1.0E5,
 		  1.0E6, 1.0E7, 1.0E8, 1.0E9, 1.0E10, 1.0E11,
 		  1.0E12, 1.0E13, 1.0E14, 1.0E15, 1.0E16, 1.0E17,
 		  1.0E18 ];

 whichis imported by various modules. When i call it from main declared
 in main such as

 double divisor = const_dscales (2);

That's an incorrect syntax. You should use const_dscales[2] instead.
 it works. If it is called the same way in a method of some class it
 returns inf. I tried to rename, but that will not make a difference.
 I made a function of it

 double scaler(double sc) {return std.c.math.pow(10.0, sc);}

 and had it as a private / public method in a class and the same thing
 happened. I can’t get it to work in class, be it private or  

 Please enlighten me.

Could you show a code sample so that we could compile and test it, please?

No-no, not like this! Strip the sample down as much as possible, first.

Aug 03 2008