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digitalmars.D.learn - Re: Why D doesn't have constant function arguments?

Aarti_pl Wrote:

 Artyom Shalkhakov napisał(a):
 Hello everyone.
 Could anyone answer my question?
 And there's another one: why there are no 'constant references' when passing
arguments in D (like those in C++: const Type &), I suppose they would be quite
useful for various applications (like, parameter passing for some maths

It is work in progress. There was lot of discussion recently on d.D NG about it recently (please read Extended Type Design - first article from 2007-03-14). D will have constants which hopefully will be much better than C++/Java.
 I think that 'inout' could be used in place of C++'s const references, but how
does it work? Is this a masked pointer or something?

AFAIK 'inout' is similar to C++ passing by reference.
 Or maybe this is done the other way? The D Way?
 Thanks in advance.

Best Regards Marcin Kuszczak (aarti_pl)

Thanks for your answer. I'm off to read those articles.
Apr 03 2007