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digitalmars.D.learn - Need help with DWIN and creating deskband objects in IE

I have attached some code that has been written to take advantage of DWIN
and implement a DeskBand object for Internet Explorer. The DLL that is built
seems to be able to hook into IE without issue. The deskband is visible once
selected from the IE toolbar menu. However, in IE 7, when multiple tabs are
open in the browser and they are all navigated to URLs, issues occur.

When the browser is closed with these tabs open, a crash occurs. There is no
obvious place that I can see in the code that would cause this to happen.

I tried debugging using ddgb, windgb, and even Visual Studio. In VS, I can
see the call stack when the crash occurs:

 crashtest.dll!RTLMultiPool::SelectFree()  + 0x16 bytes

crashtest.dll!__DllMainCRTStartup 12() + 0x10b bytes Can anyone take a look at the attached code, try to build and load into IE 7? I'm hoping someone can assist in shedding some light on this issue. Thanks in advance for any help provided!
Nov 20 2008