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digitalmars.D.bugs - Forward reference hell in the DWT. Obviously it's a bug.

Here is a full subject story

I attached the archived source for the 'simplified DWT' version what was
stripped from the real DWT for eliminatig the problem of  D compiler.

The archive has a three version of the same widget classes.

Source folders in it are
\src_fine - is tweaked version. It doesn't have any errors and can be
\src_crash - crashes the DMD 0.94 and previous versions too
\src_f_ref - gives the forward reference. I can say error description is far
from the clarity and as for me it doesn't give a clue for solving the

The main difference between those three sources can be found in the
control.d and widget.d files. The 'private import' directive position is
really make sence.

Hope the source will help you Walter to fix a bug because DWT stuck with it
and can't efficiently go further.

Regards, Yuriy.
Jun 30 2004