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reply "Carlos Santander B." <carlos8294 msn.com> writes:
"version (anything) :" (notice the colon) doesn't seem to work.

(some outputs removed)

more test.d

void foo () {}
dmd -c test.d
lib -l test.obj
more test.lst

Publics by name module _D4test3fooFZv test Publics by module test _D4test3fooFZv

That on Windows. On Linux, it's similar. Changing version(linux) for version(Windows): $ dmd -c test.d $ obj2asm test.d -ctest.asm $ cat test.asm FLAT group public _D4test3fooFZv .text segment assume CS:.text .text ends .data segment .data ends .bss segment .bss ends .rodata segment .rodata ends .gnu.linkonce.t_D4test3fooFZv segment assume CS:.gnu.linkonce.t_D4test3fooFZv _D4test3fooFZv: 55 push EBP 8B EC mov EBP,ESP 5D pop EBP C3 ret .gnu.linkonce.t_D4test3fooFZv ends end $ So dmd is ignoring version, thus including foo in the .obj (.o). version(linux) { void foo() {} } or version(linux) void foo () { } work fine, though. ----------------------- Carlos Santander Bernal
Oct 06 2004
parent "Thomas Kuehne" <eisvogel users.sourceforge.net> writes:
added to dstress as

Oct 08 2004