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digitalmars.D.announce - install-dmd v1.1

Dear D-Community,

I wrote simple BASH script which my friends and I use to install/upgrade
DigitalMars D Compiler on our GNU/Linux boxes.
As stated on my (temporal) homepage (http://dejan.lekic.googlepages.com), here
is what You should do in order to use install-dmd script:

cd /tmp
wget http://dejan.lekic.googlepages.com/install-dmd
chmod 755 install-dmd
./install-dmd 178

It is recommended to put install-dmd script into ~/bin directory and use it
whenever there is a new DMD version online. :)

As of the 1.1 version, install-dmd CAN:
- Install DMD system-wide (every user would be able to use it), if executed by
- Install DMD in users HOME, and setup .bashrc, if executed by !root.
- Detect if dmd.NNN.zip package is downloaded or not (must be in the current
directory), if it is not in the current directory, the script will download it.

Requirements: unzip, wget .

Kind regards, Mery Christmas and Happy New Year!

Dejan Lekic
Dec 29 2006