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digitalmars.D.announce - QtD 0.2 release announcement.

reply Eldar Insadutdinov <e.insafutdinov gmail.com> writes:
Another release of QtD is out. This time, it's Linux-only because OPTLINK
refuses to link the project with debug info on Windows (see bug
http://d.puremagic.com/issues/show_bug.cgi?id=2436). If anybody wants QtD on
Windows, please keep pushing Walter until he does something with OPTLINK (bury
it). Voting for the bug may help, too.
I would repeat once again the request, that was raised here numerous of times,
Walter, please change object file format, for me the ones used by MSVC or MinGW
would be just fine.

In this release:

* Lots of bugfixes
* Switched to Qt 4.5
* ldc supported (for both X86 and X86-64)
* All imports inside Qt are now public to avoid import hell
* Implemented API dealing with containers
* All classes from Gui, OpenGL, Xml, Svg, Network and Webkit packages
are wrapped
* Build system is now based on CMake to be crossplatform and more
* New signals and slots implementation (pretty limited but we are
working on a better one, which will support queued connections,
connections by name at runtime, etc).
* Ported duic, the tool for generating code out of xml representation
* Ported drcc, the resources compiler

Thanks to everyone involved in the project.
May 26 2009
next sibling parent Eldar Insadutdinov <e.insafutdinov gmail.com> writes:
I'm sorry for not putting our web-site, we are here:
There won't be downloads for this release, at this stage we would suggest to
checkout trunk, as binding gets improvements every day.
May 26 2009
prev sibling next sibling parent David Ferenczi <raggae ferenczi.net> writes:
Great news! Keep up the good work!
May 27 2009
prev sibling parent Lutger <lutger.blijdestijn gmail.com> writes:
Thank you! So many goodies...

QT 4.5 is beautiful, it's really great you are bringing this to D. Glad to see
you working on D2 support too. 
May 27 2009