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digitalmars.D.announce - Monthly downloads of "Programming in D"

The following graph shows the monthly download figures of the PDF 
version at http://ddili.org/ders/d.en/index.html


Regarding just December 2016, there are also the following figures:

   EPUB version downloads: 115
   AZW3 version downloads:  50

Highest page visits for the HTML version:

   /ders/d.en/                   2,290
   /ders/d.en/hello_world.html     235
   /ders/d.en/ranges.html          208
   /ders/d.en/arrays.html          136
   /ders/d.en/types.html           133
   /ders/d.en/foreword2.html       131
   /ders/d.en/assignment.html      130
   /ders/d.en/compiler.html        129

Jan 06