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digitalmars.D.announce - Awesomium D wrappers/bindings

Hello everyone,

i've just made first preview wrapper package for 
Awesomium(http://awesomium.com) library - closed source 
chromium(you know what is chrome browser are, right?) embededd 
framework, it's free for non-commercial projects and support all 
main OS(well, until last version...).

this could give one a possibility to make graphical user 
interfaces, both native and opengl/direct3d, with the power and 
flexibility(and memory hunger -_-) of HTML and JavaScript.
(of course when it would finished, or at least javascript 
handlers o_O)

i have started it mostly for myself to use with opengl, but i 
would appreciate any help, especially in testing and bug finding.

please keep in mind that it's very raw at this point, but i'm 
actively working on it.

you could get it from there http://code.google.com/p/aws-wrap/

i'll try to answer on any questions here on or mail.

with regards, evilrat.

p.s. i'm also has plans on CEF wrapper for commercial purposes

p.p.s how can i reset password for this forum, i can't remember 
it(same login as my nick/mail) :(
Dec 10 2012