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digitalmars.D - Unified toHash() for all native types

reply "H. S. Teoh" <hsteoh quickfur.ath.cx> writes:
I'm working on making AA literals work with my new AA implementation,
and ran into a major roadblock with using CTFE to compute AA literals:
currently built-in types like arrays require TypeInfo in order to
compute the hash, but TypeInfo's are not accessible during CTFE.

Since it's a lot of work (arguably too much work) to make TypeInfo's
usable during CTFE, I'm thinking of making use of UFCS to declare
toHash() methods for *all* native types. These methods would be supplied
in the new AA module (which sorta makes sense, since it's really only
AA's that ever want to compute hashes of stuff anyway, so toHash should
be provided by the AA module, just like array.popFront & friends are
provided by std.range), and will provide a uniform interface for generic
code to simply call "toHash" on *any* type of x instead of the current
shenanigans involving typeid().

In fact, we can even supply, via UFCS, toHash templates instantiable for
*all* structs and classes (doing a na´ve hash on the binary
representation of the object). Since UFCS only kicks in if an in-struct
or in-class method can't be found, this effectively provides a "default"
toHash that can be "overridden" if the struct/class declares its own
version of it.

If we implement this, it will become possible to initialize immutable
AA's at compile-time, that is, generate the AA Slots, their references
to each other, etc., at compile-time, and stick them in the static data
segment in the object code, so there will be zero runtime overhead.

What do y'all think about this idea?


"Computer Science is no more about computers than astronomy is about
telescopes." -- E.W. Dijkstra
Mar 15 2012
next sibling parent "Vladimir Panteleev" <vladimir thecybershadow.net> writes:
On Thursday, 15 March 2012 at 23:53:26 UTC, H. S. Teoh wrote:
 In fact, we can even supply, via UFCS, toHash templates 
 instantiable for *all* structs and classes (doing a naïve hash 
 on the binary
 representation of the object).

For a project, I've created something that generated toHash, opCmp, opEquals and toString methods for a variety of structs. I needed it to work with tagged unions, so you could declare a special method that indicated which fields to hash/compare/stringize. https://github.com/CyberShadow/RABCDAsm/blob/master/autodata.d The code may be more complicated than currently necessary, since it was initially written for D1.
Mar 15 2012
prev sibling parent "Daniel Murphy" <yebblies nospamgmail.com> writes:
How close would this put us to not needing toHash in typeinfo at all? 
Mar 15 2012