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 In reality, it's a type definition - the keyword typedef is closer in
 meaning to struct, class or enum (or in C++, namespace) than anything
 else. In fact,

  typedef B A;

 could reasonably be rewritten in D2.0+ as

  struct A
   B b;
   alias b this;

For that matter, if struct inheritance syntax is ever allowed, typedef B A; could be rewritten as struct A : B {} which really makes it really, really clear that "typedef" is not a declaration. Come to think of it, "typedef" is short for TYPE DEFinition, so it's very /name/ tells you it's a definition, not a declaration. Of course, that struct trick won't work for alias. Also, let's not forget that alias has many other uses beyond replacing C's typedef. Those other uses more than justify having a different syntax. There is no logic in saying that alias long_and_complicated.name.For!(Something) i; needs to be that way round, purely because of how typedef evolved in C.
Sep 06 2007