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don't=0A> >> believe any benchmarks published by the developers=0A> of any= =0A> >> language.=0A> > =0A> > When you publish the source code of the prog= rams, and=0A> the compile and=0A> > build logs, and the compiler and linker= versions, and=0A> the OS the=0A> > measurements were made on, ... others d= on't have to=0A> just "believe"=0A> > because they can try to confirm the m= easurements for=0A> themselves.=0A> =0A> I tend to assume that benchmarks p= osted by the developers=0A> of the=0A> language are correct, but deliberate= ly chosen to make the=0A> language look=0A> good and the competition look b= ad.=A0 Reproducing the=0A> tests locally would=0A> only catch the most blat= ant forms of cheating.=0A=0A=0AGiven this discussion was about The Computer= Language Benchmarks Game I had assumed those were the benchmarks under dis= cussion - in which case I don't really see how your concern about benchmark= s "deliberately chosen to make the language look good" would be relevant.= =0A=0A=0A
Nov 01 2010