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Brad Roberts:

 I haven't read the paper, probably should,

There are papers about Coccinelle, but the PDF I have linked is just a pack of few slides :-)
 but is it counting found, fixed, introduced? Each of those are different data

The section in the slides says "Finding and fixing !x&y bugs using Coccinelle", and at the end it says "Over 450 patches created using Coccinelle accepted into Linux", so I think it's talking about bugs fixed.
 Also of interest would be
 any indicator of total bug counts during that same period.  We're talking about
 a LONG period of time here (5-6 years) and a rather large code base that does a
 lot of low level bit manipulations.

Surely the total count of Linux bugs in those years is very high, so the percentage of !x&y bugs is very low. On the other hand to catch higher level bugs you need a very refined type system, that doesn't seem to go well with the current D Zen. I don't have such numbers, but I think it's not too much hard to find how many bugs have being fixed in that time in Linux. The bug trackers are online. Bye, bearophile
Jan 03 2011