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digitalmars.D - Re: Is it true scope declarations are being removed?

Jonathan M Davis:

 Much of anything that requires code flow analysis doesn't tend to happen.

Right. You need (lot of) work to implement it, in a system language it can't be fully accurate, and it may slow down compilation a little (Scala compiler is powerful, but I don't think it's very fast). But from using C lints I've seen that catching simple cases is better than catching none of them, and in SafeD the code is less wild so probably a higher percentage of cases can be caught. Currently DMD catches only very simple errors: class Foo {} Foo foo() { scope Foo f = new Foo; return f; // test.d(4): Error: escaping reference to scope local f } Foo bar() { scope Foo f = new Foo; Foo f2 = f; return f2; // no error here } void main() {} Something similar happens with this little C program compiled with -Wall with GCC: int *foo() { int a[5]; return a; } int *bar() { int a[5]; int *p = a; return p; } int main() { return 0; } GCC warns only about the first function: test.c: In function 'foo': test.c:3:5: warning: function returns address of local variable But a good C lint catches them both, statically (and the checking is very fast): test.c 3 Warning 604: Returning address of auto variable 'a' test.c 8 Warning 674: Returning address of auto through variable 'p' Bye, bearophile
Jan 24 2011