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digitalmars.D - Re: Feature Request: Support delegate literal context skipping

downs Wrote:

 In the following situation
 class Foo {
   int e;
   void delegate() bar() {
     return { e++; };
 the delegate literal will not work. This is because its context is bar,
 and bar has ended. But the literal doesn't *need* anything from bar.
 Because of this, I propose in situations where a delegate literal
 doesn't access the immediate surrounding stack frame, its context be the
 first frame (or class) that it does access.
 So in this example, { e++; } 's .ptr would point at the respective
 instance of Foo, allowing this to work.
 Disadvantages: None
 Advantages: potentially highly helpful with user interface code, where
 such callbacks are commonplace.

Disadvantages: That doesn't sound easy to implement. I like the idea a lot, though.
Oct 12 2007