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digitalmars.D - Re: DMD needs branches

janderson Wrote:

 Clay Smith wrote:
 Walter Bright wrote:

 While I know you treat this simply as a technical issue, it is a 
 psychological issue as well.

 ~ Clay

Why not simply release 2 executables? One with -v1 permanently on. No one will be the wiser. LOL.

Indeed, just post a link to 1.05 with the -v1 switch on, and label the link "Stable Release" and never take it down. : ) That's pretty much all people are asking for - is that stable release link they can have people click on that won't change. If a bug is identified in that stable release, don't fix it, just document it. Later, when you get up to 1.2, change the link to "Stable Releases" and release 1.2.3 or whatnot. Problem solved?
Apr 13 2007