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digitalmars.D - Re: An Anti-Big Feature Request

jcc7 Wrote:
 I worked on reducing the error to a small example, and I filed a related bug:
 In the process of reducing the error, I guess I lost some of the context for
 error, but I think it seems to be related to the assignment of FALSE in
 #   FALSE = { b:false, type:TYPE.BOOLEAN, access:ACCESS.READ },

Sweet, thanks JCC. : ) I can code okay I think, but I'm really inept when it comes to managing open source projects. I haven't filed a bug report before, and I still have troubles with SVN. I was ignoring the bug and working on porting to DMD 2.000 (which was released earlier than 1.020 and doesn't seem to have the bug that prevents compilation)
 Note that I'm not defending that DMD rejects your code. My bug report only
 an example of an error message that should include a line number. I hope this
 helps, but it looks like the compiler is malfunctioning in a couple of ways
 it tries to process your code. I only identified one of the malfunctions (lack
 a line number).

I figured the way I wrote that might strain a few things. 17kb of code only has 4 semicolons, and Value struct is pretty demanding on a few features. The function library also maps most things into phobos so I suppose it's bound to happen.
 By the way, to come up with the reduced example, I basically used the method
 described at:

Dec 17 2007