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digitalmars.D - Inline Functions


I'm looking for ways to optimize Blaze, the D port of Box2D, and running into
some frustrations.  In fact, the same Java port
(http://www.jbox2d.org/v2demos/) is currently running circles around Blaze,
performance wise....

I have a sneaking suspicion that this is the result of the many thousands of
vector math operations that are performed each cycle during my stress test. 

Is there a way to force inline function calls?  I'm compiling my code with
'-release -O -inline', but this seems not to have much of an effect on
performance.  When I remove -inline there doesn't seem to be much of a
difference in execution speed. 

FYI, I'm using DMD v1.035 on Windowd x32.

Feb 24 2009