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Since Delegates and Functions are not interchangeable in D, I'm working 
on an encapsulation system that allows you to pass an EventContainer 
which will house either a Delegate or a Function on its own. This 
simplifies the event system since there doens't have to be a function to 
connect to something of type Function and another to connect to 
something of type Delegate. They both just connect to EventContainer.

To make it generic and reusable, I decided to use a template. This is 
all fine up until you have to deal with parameters. The problem is I 
can't use a va_list in the template instantiation. I tried using a 
static function that simply takes its input arguments and returns its 
va_list, but it doesn't work.

Is there any way to make a "generic delegate" via templates? I want to 
be able to allow the user to set the ReturnType and Arguments when 
instantiating the template (usually using an alias) and be able to run 
EventContainer.Run( parameters ). I thought about just having the 
delegate type as part of the template, but then you can't wrap the 
arguments in the Run command. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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May 14 2005