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c++.windows.32-bits - fwrite in DLL


I have a C library that performs an fwrite on an already opened file handle.
When I build and use the library as a DLL I receive an exception.  When I
build and use the library as a static library it works fine.  Using WinDbg
from the Digital Mars D package dmd.2.058.zip shows the exception as being in
__fp_lock.  I have recreated the problem with a small project that is
attached.  I am using the 8.52c C compiler package though dmc.exe says 8.42n.
 I replaced snn.lib with that from the D package to see if it would make a
difference and it did not.  Am I missing something when creating the DLL?  The
rest of my library works great.

Any help will be greatly appreciated!!!

Thank you!
-- Daryl
Jun 21 2012