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c++.windows.32-bits - OPTLINK : Warning 174: 32-bit Segments Inappropriate for 16-bit Segmented output

reply Nicholas Jordan <ab5_041 inbox.com> writes:
This is some messy code I am dealing with - I am sure the structs I have to use
are compiled with pack(1) but I need to
copy-op into a 32-bit flat address space. The link error(s) are too numerous to
list - I am doing some front line work that
is to read a scanner be using something called TWAIN - via EZTwain, What I need
to do is write a .dll ( I think I have it
written to the point of doing a test run calling LoadLib from Java the dropping
into JNI to call TWAIN ( from EZTwain.h )
then do some whatever it takes copy-ops to bring the DIB pointers into a 32-bit
flat address space with greatly improved
alignment such as on 32-bit boundaries or something.

I am reading right now to separate the compile - link steps ... I am sure I
need to rebuild EZTW32.lib from sources, then
build my dll ( zarf_ocr.dll ) and do everything possible to tediously specify
each search path and linker option manually.

errors I am getting right now:
Error 42: Symbol Undefined _TWAIN_LoadSourceManager 0 <- that will be in the
lib maybe - could be that I need to just copy
something using the shell.....
Undefined _GlobalFree 4 <- that comes from trying to use EZTwain precompiled, I
wish to eliminate all free work that I can
and dig into the details to eliminate calls in to near pointers and
non-re-entrant code ( where ever possible )

C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\My Documents\dm\bin\..\lib\SNN.lib(dllstart)
Error 42: Symbol Undefined _GetCurrentThreadId 0

Sounds like Java - those JNI calls are remarkable for the depth needed.

OPTLINK : Warning 174: 32-bit Segments Inappropriate for 16-bit Segmented output

No help from the lib builder on this, I just really tried to fix this before I
built but no idea that this issue is not
visible from c sources

 Error 35: Cannot Reach TARGET from FRAME at Relative 0001DH  from Segment _TEXT

 FRAME  = Frame of Group FLAT 0000
 TARGET = Segment _BSS 01454H
 FIXUPP Type = 32-bit Offset

Same sort of problem - I will be studying, first thing I intend to do is set
sc.ini to what I am trying to do then the next
thing will be to study the linker options....

OCR from Java on HP Officejet J4680 Series as flatbed scanning device, then dig
into Jeff Heaton's work.

Front-line work, much of which has not been done before. ( do not use email
shown )
Mar 04 2009
parent Nicholas Jordan <ab5_041 inbox.com> writes:
Okay, I dug through all the sc.ini and rewrote module .def files
and the switches passed to the linker via sc. I get:

"Can't run 'C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\My Documents\db\EZTWAIN1

Which is supposed to be the lib for which I want to insure there
are no near calls that will blow out unforseen in the hands of
inexperienced operators.
Mar 05 2009