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c++.windows.32-bits - Compiling static lib

reply "Mars" <- -.-> writes:
Hello, everybody.

I'm trying to compile Lua, using DMC, since I need the lib in 
OMF. I got the compilation working, but I have no clue, on how to 
turn the .obj files into a .lib. In D I'd use the -lib argument, 
but I couldn't figure out how to do this with DMC/OPTLINK yet.
If I just do
 dmc src\lapi.c src\lauxlib.c [...] -olua5.1.lib

 OPTLINK : Warning 134: No Start Address

 Not a Valid Library File

What's the correct way to do this? Mars
Feb 15 2012
parent GreatEmerald <pastas4 gmail.com> writes:
I believe that you can simply convert the Lua DLL that is available from their
website into a LIB by using IMPLIB, included in Basic Utilities available from
Digital Mars website.
Mar 16 2012