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c++.stl.port - compile error

reply Marc Teichtahl <Marc_member pathlink.com> writes:
Hi All,

Im having some problems compiling some code with STLport.

using _STLP_VENDOR_CSTD::ptrdiff_t;   // <--- ERROR HERE
using _STLP_VENDOR_CSTD::size_t;

I get the following errors

Error: C:\PROGRAM FILES\DM\BIN\..\stlport\stlport\cstddef(40): 'ptrdiff_t' is
not a member of namespace 'std'
Error: C:\PROGRAM FILES\DM\BIN\..\stlport\stlport\cstddef(41): 'size_t' is not a
member of namespace 'std'
Fatal Error: C:\PROGRAM FILES\DM\BIN\..\stlport\stlport\cstdlib(25): unable to
open input file '../g++-v3/cstdlib'
Lines Processed: 708  Errors: 3  Warnings: 0
Build failed

Can anyone offer some guidance ?
Apr 28 2005
next sibling parent "Walter" <newshound digitalmars.com> writes:
"Marc Teichtahl" <Marc_member pathlink.com> wrote in message
news:d4qu38$104t$1 digitaldaemon.com...
 Fatal Error: C:\PROGRAM FILES\DM\BIN\..\stlport\stlport\cstdlib(25):

 open input file '../g++-v3/cstdlib'

 Can anyone offer some guidance ?

The clue is that it is attempting to open "../g++-v3/cstdlib'. g++ files are meant for g++, not Digital Mars C++. Check your INCLUDE environment settings, and your makefiles.
May 01 2005
prev sibling parent Scott Michel <scottm aero.org> writes:
Marc Teichtahl wrote:
 Can anyone offer some guidance ?

Download the 4.6.2 STLport that's correctly configured for DMC at http://mordred.cs.ucla.edu/STLport_DMC/
May 05 2005