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c++.beta - [8.50.3] bug: CRTP + namespaces not correctly handled

Using, via CRTP, a component from the 'stlsoft' namespace, in a component in
the 'winstl' namespace (which is an alias for 'stlsoft::winstl_project').
The compiler complains about:

    dmccrtpbug.cpp(12) : Error: namespace 'winstl_project' does not enclose
member '?0' of namespace 'stlsoft'
    --- errorlevel 1

If the namespaces are removed, all is well.

I expect (as it's somewhat unusual) it's just a circumstance not yet seen by
the compiler. AFAICT, this is the last unworkaroundable DMC++ problem
holding up STLSoft 1.9. Hopefully the fix is reasonably simple. :-)


Jan 13 2007