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c++ - Bug: sc.ini CFLAGS macro name length - Examples.txt

Description: If CFLAGS="-DMACRO_NAME=" is used in dm\bin\sc.ini; problems occur
when the macro name length is 44-46, 50, or 51 characters.  Nope, I didn't test
all cases of 1-1024 character lengths.  I just got, er, lucky with a macro name
that caused me to look a tad further.

Expected results:  Using CFLAGS="-Dmacro=" should be the same as setting the
macro from the command line.
E.g. This command works fine:  dmc -v2
See \dm\html\ctg\ctgLanguageImplementation.html#cpp_language, under the heading
"Internal Limits"
\dm\html\ctg\smake.html, under the heading "Defining Macros"
The above 2 docs are not _exactly_ concerning dmc.exe; but I'll make reference
to them none the less.

How to replicate:

2. dmc -v2 test.cpp

OS: XP w/ sp 2
Compiler: Digital Mars CD v 8.42, with cd843.zip

Apologia if this turns out to be user misunderstanding.
May 13 2005