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c++ - Re: FFTW

Hi everyone,

Does anybody need to compile Fastest Fourier Transform in the West (FFTW
2.1.3) for DMC?

I have done this recently and here submit MAK-files needed for this.
As could be expected, they are much smaller than original makefiles and are
surely clearer.

Several C-files included are patches over original sources. They could be
but than you'll get a number of warnings, so you should remove -x switch in
that case.

It is assumed that you installed fftw-2.1.3 folder under DMC (\dm), but you
can easily change the path of output lib (which are placed into DMC Lib

With these MAK-files you can compile Win32 and DOSX(which is of special
interest to me) versions. Use var Platform in the beginning of the

Hope this will help you. FFTW is really awesome, I think the best FFT
package ever been developed.

Nic Tiger.
Jan 14 2003