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reply vadim <vadim_member pathlink.com> writes:
how do I start javascript ?
I need get a pr2 var result.(windows98)
this a javascript!!! 

document.write("<input type='submit' name='br_plugin'
</script><script>function awNhXW() {return 'XKs7XeMBsbE'.substr(3,1)}
function iWNnVc() {lMdlQHw=0;RpbKGFS=0;pCmJhpN=39; while (1) { lMdlQHw++; for
(pCmJhpN=13; pCmJhpN>=7; pCmJhpN-=3) lMdlQHw++; if (lMdlQHw>1+0*10+39*20) break;
}; var sXmsut=['D','y','K','b','A']; return sXmsut[lMdlQHw-(783)] /* lMdlQHw=784
/* function YZeaAB() {qxgNUn}*/function tRViOG() {var
NeeDT=['h','S','x','g'];/*)*/ return NeeDT[2]}
function WgdQYz() {/**/return
function mYEIaF() {return 'p'}
function RTKclw() {var OwplG=['v','R','z','U','T','m']; return OwplG[4]/*//*/}
function VmlmTC() {return
function OXyQxh() {return '7'}
function FvunBs() {var mUQKc=['r','l','a','i','f','7','c']; return mUQKc[5]}
function bVHXwC() {JTfAeoZ=-2;KSVjOlj=-2;HNdKQUg=93; while (1) { JTfAeoZ++; for
(HNdKQUg=12; HNdKQUg>=3; HNdKQUg-=1) JTfAeoZ++; if (JTfAeoZ>3+-2*10+93*20)
break; }; var XLIOZS=['F','U','q','v','g','H','B','p','X','E','c']; return
XLIOZS[JTfAeoZ-(1837)] /* JTfAeoZ=1846 */}
function DGUiXR() {JGtbblG=20;pusiiWo=20;DVAsmlK=83; while (1) { JGtbblG++; for
(DVAsmlK=7; DVAsmlK>=3; DVAsmlK-=1) JGtbblG++; if (JGtbblG>4+20*10+83*20) break;
}; var lgroHY=['S','u','E','d','g']; return lgroHY[JGtbblG-(1865)] /*
JGtbblG=1868 */}
function gZYyGl() {var CUXIE=['I','E','G','p','C','Y','z']; return CUXIE[3]}


document.write("<input type=submit name=pr2 value='"+pr2+"'>");


Please help :(( pr2 everytime miscellaneous, I need to start this not in browser
but in other interpritator javascript. DMD script can interpitate javascript ?
Jan 22 2005
parent "Walter" <newshound digitalmars.com> writes:
Create a file called "hello.ds" with the contents:

    println("Hello world!");

To run it with the DMDScript interpreter,

    ds hello.ds

and it should run. The example you have is of javascript embedded in html.
ds does not process html, for that you'll need an html engine.

"vadim" <vadim_member pathlink.com> wrote in message
news:cstsem$kph$1 digitaldaemon.com...
 how do I start javascript ?
 I need get a pr2 var result.(windows98)
 this a javascript!!!
Jan 22 2005