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DMDScript - Some help would be appreciated...

reply bobef <bobef lessequal.com> writes:
I am working on a small thing... a few hours of work, but I get stuck. 
The idea is to extend dmdscript at runtime i.e. to load new functions 
and classes while the script is running. I made it working but not 
exactly... when I do it from exe it works , but when I load the class 
from dll it causes some strange access violation... Functions are 
working nice but not the classes... When myclass.init is called it calls 
myclass_prototype which should register the members of the class but 
when it reaches DnativeFunction.init(this, nfd, DontEnum) - bang! access 
violation. I tried to debug DnativeFunction.init to see what is crashing 
it but when I place writefln there is not output... also very strange...
I will attach the source if anybody thinks he can help me... The crash 
is at line 101 of module.d...

Feb 10 2006
parent bobef <bobef lessequal.com> writes:
Feb 19 2006