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DMDScript - How to return 'status code' to OS ?


I'd like to return a 'status code' [e.g. the integer value 5] to the
operating system from a DMDScript script much in the manner as it would be
done from a C [or D ?] program using the 'exit' function.

I am able to accomplish this task via the Windows Scripting Host using the
following code:


I'm not aware of similar functionality to, 'WScript.Quit', in DMDScript.

So my questions are:

* Is there such functionality natively available in
   DMDScript ?

* If not, is it possible to perhaps 'hook into' a D function
   with this functionality *without* having to modify the
   DMDScript source code, and recompile the interpreter ?

* If not, are there plans add such functionality to future
   versions of DMDScript ?

I look forward to any response.


Anthony Borla
Oct 30 2005